Randolph Gymnastic’s Statement on the Coronavirus (COVID-19)

RGA puts families and children first. We want everyone to know that we stand behind the CDC recommendations. We do not want to promote being afraid and we will not live in fear, we will, however, make certain that we are doing all we can to promote staying healthy and safe.

With the RGA protocol in place, we will not exceed 100 people in the gym at any given time. We have asked that parents sit in their vehicles or drop the athletes off and not bring in non-participating siblings. We generally do not exceed this number anyway. We will be actively counting and making sure that we stay compliant.

We will remain super diligent in cleaning and disinfecting the gym. We clean before everyone arrives every single day. We stay and clean after everyone leaves every single night. We are cleaning between classes as well. We are educating the children on our protocol and ways to stay germ-free as well. We will be closing the foam pit during this time.

We will make sure the RGA protocol is being followed and everyone is healthy that is entering our facility and that they are washing their hands upon arrival. We will add to the protocol that “Anyone that doesn’t feel well is to stay home”. “Anyone that has had a fever should stay home for 48 hours from being fever free”.

Any families that are going to “self-quarantine” it is your right to do so. If you think it is not safe for your child to attend classes, we completely understand and support that decision.

We hope to provide the children and our families with some normalcy and feel the governor is open to small businesses continuing within the scope of less than 100 of which we will do.

Thank you. RGA Management

“God has not given us a spirit of fear, but of power, and of love, and of sound mind.” 2 Timothy 1:7

Below are some stats on CV and ages:

The vast majority of cases in China — 87% — were in people ages 30 to 79, the China Center for Disease Control reported last month based on data from all 72,314 of those diagnosed with Covid-19 as of Feb. 11. That probably reflects something about biology more than lifestyle, such as being in frequent contact with other people. Teens and people in their 20s also encounter many others, at school and work and on public transit, yet they don’t seem to be contracting the disease at significant rates: Only 8.1% of cases were 20-somethings, 1.2% were teens, and 0.9% were 9 or younger. The World Health Organization mission to China found that 78% of the cases reported as of Feb. 20 were in people ages 30 to 69