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Randolph Gymnastics Academy was formed in 2003; the facility we now call home was built in 2009 as a custom build especially for the students of RGA! Our facility is a 12,000 square foot, heated and cooled, state-of-the-art training facility for gymnastics, cheer and tumbling. The peak height of our facility is 28', high enough for the most advanced skills. We offer various parent viewing areas which are separated from the open classes for everyone's safety. The design and floor flow enable us to safely conduct multiple classes and host multiple teams and events all at one time.

RGA Gym 1
RGA Gym 2

Two In-ground Pits: Foam and Resi

The facility incorporates features that are typically only found at top level collegiate training centers; with a huge, in-ground T shaped foam pit, filled with over 5,000 foam blocks and an in-ground resi pit, the athletes can go for skills without hesitation. Both pits are accessible from a spring floor and from uneven and high bars. This aids in training all level skills. The huge foam block pit has an in-ground trampoline within the base, which increases the safety and the fun! The foam block pit is a focal point of all classes and Birthday Parties, where all the guests are welcome to jump in!

Two Tumble Tracks & 30' Rod Floor

We offer not one but two tumble tracks to aid in training our athletes. One of the 20' tumble tracks has a traditional bed, with a 6' take-off. Our second tumble track has a "transitional bed"; this new style of bed helps athletes more easily convert skills from a bouncy tumble track to the likeness of rod or spring floor. This aids in safety and mental preparedness of the athlete. Our facility also has a 40' rod plus 16' landing mat, making this training tool approximately 56' long. Rod floor is the perfect training tool to use prior to putting your skills to the actual spring floor. It also aids in safety, mental preparedness, and softening landings to help reduce injury. After learning skills on all 3 apparatus, then taking the skill to the the spring floor or to the resi pit.  All these training tools make for the perfect combination and foundation for the athlete to move forward with more skills. Learning skills using all our equipment aids in the athlete gaining skills safely and with confidence. All athletes need the proper foundation in order to be mentally and physically ready for higher level skills. 

RGA Gym 3
RGA Gym 4

Spring Floors

Here at RGA, we have two spring floors. One is a full cheer regulation, top of the line competition spring floor, with birch wood and foam strip rolls, sized 54' x 42', a full nine panel floor similar to what is used at The Cheerleading Worlds. Our other floor is gymnastics regulation size, and is a spring and foam block loaded floor, sizing at 40' x 40', this is a 7 panel floor.  Tumbling and circuit training will be taught using both floors at various times. 

Other Apparatuses

We also offer a regulation size runway and vault with landing stations going in both directions, 7 regulation beams and multiple floor beams for training of all levels and skills. The beam area is also covered in 2 1/4" foam flooring and carpet to enhance the safety for all students. 8" floor mats are in abundance for all students use. We also have 2 strap bars, two sets of uneven bars and a high bar over our foam pit! All 4 Olympic apparatuses in regulation size are available within our top notch facility.

RGA Gym 5



Monday - Thursday
4:00pm - 9:00pm
4:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday - Sunday
Party Schedule May Vary Times
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