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This class focuses on strengthening, learning tumbling vocabulary, drills and obtaining skills for tiny tumblers ages 4 to 6 years old.  The focus will be to build a solid foundation with proper technique while having fun.  Walkovers, handstands, cartwheels, forward and back rolls and round-offs are introduced and broken down into progressions.  The athlete will also be working drills and exercises that provide a foundation for back handsprings and front handsprings. This is a fun class our youngest athletes that will build body awareness, strength, and endurance. Great  fun for boys and girls.

Sunday 5:00-5:45pm (some months will be pro-rated due to cheer comps)


ADVANCED TUMBLING: Levels 3-6 (55 min)

This class focuses on correct technical execution of higher level airborne skills. It is great for athletes who have mastered back handsprings and are working towards series, tucks, layouts and twisting layouts in a safe environment. Athletes will be working on elite standing & running tumbling. This class would be ideal for members of cheer squads, high school or all star teams and competitive gymnasts. Standing back handspring tuck and round-off back handspring tuck are prerequisites for this class. Students will work on all training surfaces, tumble track,  rod floor, resi pit, foam pit and floor and do multiple drills for the best outcome.  This class will learn all skills from roundoff hand springs to double fulls, whips and series full through to fulls. There is not a limit to what we can teach you with the right foundation!

Sunday 5:00- 5:55pm, Wednesday 7:00-7:55pm, 


TUMBLING MEMO: A note to parents about tumbling

Drills GET SKILLS! Trust the process! Many students get super excited about learning new skills; you may see them on their hands and upside down more than you see them up right! This is awesome and will help them progress. They will be gaining strength and air awareness. Coaches may suggest some at home drills to do. Kids do NOT have to be a cheerleader or want to cheer to enjoy tumbling as a recreational pastime. Tumbling increases body awareness, air awareness, strength, endurance, and flexibility....all things that will greatly improve on any sport or activity the athlete chooses to do. Tumbling also increases self confidence and give athletes a real sense of individual achievement.

However, we do NOT encourage students to teach themselves skills at home on trampolines, matts, or air tracks. The back handspring and tuck are the foundation of every high-level skill in the future. If these skills are not taught properly, it WILL set the athlete up for a lot of frustration and possible failures in the future.

The body has muscle memory and when a skill is done incorrectly several times, the brain and the body remember that motion and it becomes extremely hard to break the habit. Please do NOT advance the athletes skills at home. If they are not doing them in class yet, they should NOT be doing them at home, for the safety and for the future skills of the athlete. Trust the process.

Another big point to be made for athletes and parents is that just being spotted again and again does NOT get the athlete skills. It can create mental blocks and a sense of having a skill when they are not actually capable of doing it alone yet. Spotting without other drills does not aid in the true progress of the skill. Athletes need to go through all the skills and learns the proper progression of each skill, they will be able to easily throw the skill by themselves when the times comes. We do spot some skills throughout the process, but there is much more involved in learning properly. Again, please trust and believe in the process.

We have trained thousands of athletes to the highest-level skills there are! We have even trained athletes that have won some of the most prestigious accolades in the tumbling and cheer world. Athletes and parents that follow our plan will be the most successful athletes, with less stress and frustration throughout the process. Like the old saying goes....nothing comes easily and there's never an easy route to the things that matter. You won't get a lasting result by taking the easy route. So please encourage your child to do all the drills offered and avoid allowing them to do skills at home that they have not been working in class. ... This is the road to success.

Please feel free to speak to your child's tumbling coach if you have questions or email the owner / director at



Monday - Thursday
4:00pm - 9:00pm
4:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday - Sunday
Parties scheduled various times

INTERMEDIATE TUMBLING: Levels 1-3 (55 min)

This class is for athletes who have mastered handstands, rolls, cartwheel and roundoff and are working toward or have their back and front walkovers. Progressions are followed and back handsprings drills are worked and the athletes will be spotted or shown equipment to use once the athlete achieves their back walkover or kickover.  The athlete will be working towards performing back and front handsprings by themselves, working a round off back handspring and starting drills into tucks and layouts and aerials in this class. RGA does not continually spot athletes on their airborne skills.  We have found over 20 years that this can increase mental blocks and injuries with athletes feeling they are capable of skills that were not done without assistance.  Our philosophy is that "SKILLS GET DRILLS"  Trust the process and stay consistent and your child will be flipping all over the place! Encourage your athlete to follow the system and they will meet their goals!  Our 6 month guarantee: If the athlete does not miss any class for 6 month, has a back walkover and follows the class curriculum fully,  and does not miss any drills they will have their back handspring on one of the training surfaces or you get 1 month free!

Monday 5:30 - 6:25pm, Tuesday 5:00 - 5:55, or  Thursday 5:30-6:25 and Thursday 7:30-8:25p

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