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SILVER STARS - Beginners
LEVEL 1-Gymnastics & Tumble

(Ages 5 and up)

Tuition: $75 per month for 55 minute class each week or $140 a month for 110 minutes a week and up to $200 for unlimited.  Monday: 5:30 - 6:25, 6:00-6:55, and 7:00-7:55, Tuesday 6:00-6:55, and Thursday 5:00 - 5:55, 6:00-6:55 and 7:00-7:55. Some of these classes have age restrictions so please contact us.

Silver Stars is for children ages 5 and up interested in learning gymnastics fundamentals on floor, vault, beam, and bars. Basic skills, such as handstands, cartwheels and pullovers are introduced along with lots of new body shapes and vocabulary. They may challenge themselves by walking on the 4" beams without assistance, start learning to jump with 2 feet onto a mat, focus on keeping arms tight by their ears while jumping on trampolines, swinging on bars and more!  Classes are 55 minutes, one time per week, if your child enjoys gymnastics, you can sign them up for more classes; Just speak to your child's coach or office staff at RGA to find out the best fit for you. 

Children who have mastered basic level 1 gymnastics skills will progress to Bright Stars or Shinning Stars.  Your child's coach is constantly evaluating them and will let you know when they are mentally and physically ready.   There is also a competitive option for students that complete this class; speak to your coach. 

RGA Beginners Level
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BRIGHT STARS - Intermediate 
Level 1.5- Gymnastics & Tumbling

(Ages 5 and up)

Tuition: $75 per month for 55 minutes per class each week or $140 a month for 110 minutes a week and up to $200 for unlimited. Monday 6-6:55, 6:30 - 7:25 and 7-7:55, Tuesday 6:00-6:55 and 7-7:55, Thursday 6-6:55

Bright Stars is for children 5 and up that have learned basic terminology and achieved skills with a degree of consistency from the Silver Stars class. Cartwheels, roundoffs, bridge-up are all easily executed. The Bright Star will start more focus on vault and new bar skills and advance their tumble skills. Bright stars follow direction and understand how to rotate through circuits set up by their teacher.  The focus will be on all 4 Olympic apparatus while learning more strength, flexibility and endurance. 

Your child's teacher evaluates their students weekly and will let your know when it is time to advance to our next class. Options could be Shooting Stars or Rising Stars.  Another way to advance more quickly is to take more than one class per week, this could be a tumbling class, or another Bright Stars class.  Speak with an RGA staff today to figure out what works best for you schedule.  

Level 2 and Up Gymnastics & Tumble

(Team, Ages 5 and up) - Invitation Only Class

Tuition: $110 for 1.5 hours, $140 for 2 hours, $160 for 3 hours, $180 for 4 hours and $200 for unlimited classes (restrictions apply). Adding additional tumbling or gymnastics classes is ideal for the goal oriented Shinning. Shooting, or Rising Star!  Speak to office staff to be placed in the correct class time for skills.

Non-Competitive Advanced Gymnastics
Tuition: $110 a month for 1.5 hours, up to $200 a month for unlimited hours per week.

Shinning, Shooting, Rising and Super Stars is an invitation-only, accelerated program for aspiring  gymnasts and or cheerleaders ages 5 and up that have completed level 1 -2 training and are ready for the next challenge. Students work to develop the fundamental skills necessary for competitive gymnastics team or elite cheer teams however are not all required to compete. (Ask your coach which one is best for you) Classes incorporate all 4 Olympic apparatus and begin working individual routines for competition season in the PGL and NCAAU. Eligible participants can participate in an array of classes with varied hours, depending on their goals and will be invited to attend competitive events. The meets we attend are focused on personal growth and accomplishing and setting goals. All Rising Stars athletes are not required to compete but are highly encouraged. Super Star classes are only available for athletes competing and attending 2 days.  

Gymnastics 5 and up
Gymnastics Team Girls

Level 2 and Up  Gymnastics & Tumbling 

(RGA Team Girls)

Tuition: $110 for 1.5 hours, $140 for 2 hours, $160 for 3 hours, $180 for 4 hours and $200 for unlimited classes (restrictions apply).

Super Stars are team girls working toward learning more skills and polishing existing skills and routines. All Super Star girls are RGA team. Non competitive athletes are invited to attend other classes.  Invitation Only Class



Monday - Thursday
4:00pm - 9:00pm
4:00pm - 8:00pm
Saturday - Sunday
Parties scheduled various times.
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